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My name is Paweł Szołtysek and I live in Wrocław, Poland. I graduated Wrocław University of Technology, Computer Science Faculty - specialisation "Fundamental Problems of Computer Science". My scholar interests are based on algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence and semantic web. But over that all I'm database specialist. I'm interested in internet social networks, mobile technologies, Web 2.0 and knownledge management.

My current scholar achievements are based on information-seeking strategies and web-based social networks. Former works created by me were usually about AI, databases, simulation systems. You can review them under the link of "Works..." in top menu.

For my daily job, I am working at IBM as an IT Project Manager, mostly for software development and infrastructure projects (mainly data center migration). Lately obtained certificates (PMP, ITIL) assures that the projects are being performed as they should be, in proper manner and with required professionalism, finished on time and in budget.

In the past I was taking part in designing business solutions for business (mostly database aspects). I've been subserving developing of some game servers. Creator and manager of few internet projects, was taking part in few others. At the moment, I'm managing an start-up team. I'm as well administrating/moderating several web forums.

On the web, I'm known for my photography, and activity connected with "GTA" game series.

Personally, I'm interested in cars, photography and computers.